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Tips for Using Inkscape to Make Templates for Cutting Machines


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Convert Text to Paths in Inkscape
Convert Text to Paths in Inkscape
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As mentioned, cutting machines use vector line files and these files are made up of paths. The cutting machine reads these paths and translates them into cuts in the paper. This means that designs that you want to be cut need to be paths. If you have included text in your design, you will need to convert the text to paths manually.

This is very easy and only takes a few seconds. With the Select tool active, click on the text to select it and then go to Path > Object to Path. That's all there is to it, though do note that you'll no longer be able to edit the text, so it's worth checking for spelling mistakes and typos beforehand.

On the next page I'll show you how you can overlap the letters of the text and then combine them into a single path.

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