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How to Make Cupcake Wrappers in Inkscape


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Draw a Simple Circle
Draw a Simple Circle
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In this step we're going to draw a simple ellipse that we will be able to apply as a pattern to the outline of the wrapper shape.

The basis of the pattern will be a simple circle shape, so select the Ellipse tool from the Tools palette and, while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, click and draw a circle. Holding the Ctrl key constrains the tool to several fixed proportions and makes it easier to draw a perfect circle. With your circle drawn, go to Object > Fill and Stroke and when the palette opens, click on the Fill tab and then use the mixing tools to select whichever color you want. I selected a shade of pink and then clicked the Stroke paint tab and selected a complementary blue for the outline. Finally I clicked the Stroke style tab and changed the Width value to make the border quite bold.

In the next step, we can take this simple circular shape and apply it to the border of the wrapper shape.

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