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Inkscape Tutorials and Resources

Tutorials, downloads, and other resources for users of the free open-source vector-based drawing software, Inkscape.

18 Square Frame and Border Shapes
Download 18 square design custom shapes in EPS and SVG vector formats to use for frames and borders in your projects.

Add Placard Titles to Photos with Inkscape
Learn how to use free placard background graphics in Inkscape to put fancy title text on your photos to make them more eye-catching on social sharing sites.

How to Draw Interlocking Rings
Learn how to draw interlocking rings, such as those in the iconic Olympic Games logo, using Inkscape. This is a great tutorial for Inkscape newbies who are unfamiliar with the path tools and will introduce you to some of the concepts of using two paths to create new, more complex shapes.

Create a Custom Font with Inkscape and Fontastic
Learn how you can create your own handwriting fonts using Inkscape and the free web service fontastic.me.

How to Make a Calendar in Inkscape
Learn how you can set up Inkscape to make personalized calendars and calendar gifts.

How to Doodle on a Photo in Inkscape
This is a fun tutorial for beginners that will show you how to doodle on a photo with some of Inkscape's drawing tools.

Create a Preview Template in Inkscape
Learn how to create a preview template for presenting digital products for sale online.

Draw a Pumpkin in Inkscape
Learn how to draw a basic pumpkin in Inkscape in this beginner tutorial.

Using Inkscape to Make Templates for Cutting Machines
Ian shares some tips for using Inkscape to make templates for cutting machines, along with information on how to save files from Inkscape for use with cutting machines.

How to Make a Flower Graphic in Inkscape for a Cutting Machine
Learn how to create a simple flower graphic in Inkscape that is suitable for sending to a cutting machine. In this tutorial, you'll work with Inkscape's Transform tool and use features for combining paths in different ways.

How to Make a Custom Wedding Photo Frame
Use Inkscape to create a custom frame to decorate a wedding photo using drawing tools, patterns and text.

How to Make Custom Photo Frames For Free
Learn how you can make your very own custom designed photo frames for free using Inkscape. Use custom frames to dress up photos and add some interest for all sorts of different uses.

How to Make Cupcake Wrappers in Inkscape
In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can make cupcake wrappers using Inkscape. In the process, you'll get to use layers, learn how to apply both patterns and text along paths and also be introduced to using one shape to clip other objects.

How to Draw a Really Easy Ghost with Inkscape
This simple Inkscape tutorial will show new users how to draw a really easy ghost for Halloween.

How to Adjust Text in Inkscape
This tutorial shows you how to do a number of text adjustments in Inkscape, including letter spacing, line height, word spacing, and more.

How to Mix Colors in Inkscape
Inkscape's color palette offers a number of mixers for choosing colors: RGB, HSL, CMYK, Wheel and CMS. Learn how Inkscape's color mixers work and when you should use each of them.

How to Create an Etsy Store Banner Using Inkscape
This tutorial will show you the basic steps required to produce an Etsy store banner using Inkscape.

How to Import a Color Palette into Inkscape
You can produce palettes using Color Scheme Designer and then import these into Inkscape. This tutorial will show you the process for getting your custom color schemes into Inkscape.

Working with the Layers Palette in Inkscape
The Inkscape Layers palette offers several useful features for managing objects within a document. As with many popular image editing applications, Inkscape's Layers palette also offers the power to combine and blend layers in creative ways.

Add a Watermark in Inkscape
You can easily apply semi-transparent watermarks to your work in Inkscape. Applying a watermark to your designs is easy to do in Inkscape and can help to protect your copyright and reduce the possibility of your work being misused or plagiarized when it is posted online.

Several Ways to Draw Love Hearts for Valentine's Day
This is a selection of beginner tutorials showing different ways to draw love hearts in Inkscape.

How to Draw a Love Heart in Inkscape with the Polygon Tool
This tutorial will show you how to draw a love heart in Inkscape using the polygon tool. There are several ways to draw love hearts in Inkscape, but this one uses a triangle and edits the nodes to reshape it.

Inkscape Heart Circle Tool Tutorial - How to Draw a Love Heart in Inkscape...
This tutorial shows one way to draw a love heart in Inkscape by editing the nodes of a circle.

How to Draw a Love Heart in Inkscape with the Pencil Tool
There are a number of ways to draw a love heart in Inkscape, but using the Pencil or freehand lines tool is one the quickest. However the results tend to be a little irregular and so there are some tips to ensure you get the best possible results.

How to Draw a Love Heart in Inkscape With the Bezier Tool
This tutorial will show you how to draw a love heart for Valentine's day using the Bezier tool in Inkscape. A simple love heart is a great shape to practice on as it is so simple and you will also see how you can duplicate elements to produce new shapes.

How to Export Graphics from Inkscape
Inkscape can export vector graphics as PNG files which can be used by GIMP, Paint.NET, or other pixel-based image editors.

Convert Make-a-Flake Snowflake JPEG to a Vector Graphic - Bitmap to Vector...
Inkscape can be used to trace raster graphics, such as JPEGs, and produce a vector line version. In this tutorial you will learn how to trace a snowflake design from the free online "Make-A-Flake" snow flake generator, where you can produce a variety of unique snow flake graphics.

How to Create a Custom Greeting Card in Inkscape
This tutorial shows how to use a digital photo to make a greeting card in Inkscape.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree in Inkscape
This tutorial shows you how to draw a simple Christmas tree graphic with Inkscape, but the techniques used here apply to many drawing projects and are vital basic skills to possess.

Review of Free Vector-Based Image Editor Inkscape
Inkscape is the open source community's alternative to Adobe Illustrator, the accepted industry standard tool for the production of vector-based graphics. It is a credible alternative for anyone whose budget can't stretch to Illustrator, with some caveats.

"The Book of Inkscape: The Definitive Guide to the Free Graphics Editor" Review
The Book of Inkscape is positioned as the definitive guide to the free graphics editor and on that basis it should be considered to be suitable for completely new users right through to more advanced users who have spent more time working with the application.

Introduction to Inkscape the Free Vector-Based Graphics Editor
Inkscape is the open source community's alternative to Adobe Illustrator, the accepted industry standard tool for the production of vector-based graphics.

Use Inkscape to Make Dripping Blood Text for Halloween
This Inkscape dripping blood text tutorial is ideal for Halloween projects. The technique can also be easily adapted to produce the effect of dripping wet paint text for occasions when you want the appearance of graffiti.

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