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Image Composer and PhotoDraw Tutorials and User Resources

Once bundled with FrontPage and Microsoft Office, Microsoft Image Composer and PhotoDraw 2000 are now discontinued. Here is an archive of tips, tutorials, FAQs, and other user resources for MIC and PhotoDraw. Most of this is for Image Composer, but the few remaining PhotoDraw resources online are archived here too.

Customizing the Button Wizard
How to add extra button templates to the Button Wizard.

ImageDraw Tutorials
A couple of tutorials for PhotoDraw and Image Composer.

Making Buttons
How to create your own Web page buttons using the button Wizard in Image Composer 1.5.

Browse discussions from the microsoft.public.photodraw.discussion newsgroup via Google.

Tips & Tricks by Demitrius
Several tips & tricks for Image Composer 1.0 and 1.5.

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