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A Whole Lotta Changes Goin' On - The Transform Each Command in Illustrator


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Illustrator Transform Each Command: Introduction
transform each dialog
An often overlooked feature of Illustrator is Transform Each. Transform Each allows you to perform several transformations at the same time. This week we'll take a look at this command and see how it can save you time and make your work more efficient in Illustrator.

You can find the command at Object > Transform > Transform Each. The diagram in the red circle is the point of origin: this is the point around which the transformations will be created. Make sure this is set to center for now by clicking the small box in the center of the diagram. It probably is, unless you have changed it, because center is the default. As you can see from the dialog, you can make several transformations from this dialog: you can scale, move, rotate or reflect, one transformation at a time or as many as you wish. There is also a copy button to allow you to apply the transformations at the same time you make a copy.

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