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Making a Clock Face in Illustrator


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Rotating the Numbers
Rotating the Numbers
Select the number 1. Choose the rotate tool in the toolbox, and opt/alt click on the center of the baseline of the numeral. There will be a small dot at the center of the baseline so you don't have to guess where center of the baseline is. This puts the point of orientation at the base of the numeral. Starting with 30¼ for the numeral 1 (because the hour tick marks were rotated at 30¼, 360¼ divided by 12 equals 30¼), in the angle box in the rotate dialog type 30, then click OK to rotate the number 1 by 30¼.

Select the next number, 2, and choose the rotate tool in the toolbox. Opt/alt click on the center of the baseline of the numeral to set the point of orientation. To keep the numbers rotated in proportion to the hour marks, add 30¼ for the rotation. That means you rotated 1 by 30¼, so you rotate 2 by 60¼. Enter 60 in the angle box and click OK.

Continue in this manner, adding 30¼ of rotation to each number around the clock face. (3=90¼, 4=120¼, 5=150¼ and so on up to 11=330¼). When you are done, some of the numbers will be too close to or even on the clock face depending how far from the original circle you placed your first 12.

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