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Free Symbol Libraries for Adobe Illustrator


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Free Heart Symbols for Adobe Illustrator
Free Heart Symbols

Hearts Valentine's Day Love Pink Red

© Sara Froehlich
Here are some free Heart symbols to download for Adobe Illustrator.

Download the Heart Symbols

About the Symbols

Symbols are graphics you might want to use later and not have to recreate. Symbols can be used for any graphic you use frequently, like a company logo or holiday designs. These symbols are supported in Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. These symbols are for personal use only unless written consent is acquired from the author.

Using the Symbols

After saving the zip file, unzip it, and place it in your Illustrator/Presets/Symbols folder. For more information on how to use these symbols, see the Shamrock Symbols tutorial.

To learn how to draw these symbols from scratch see:
Halloween Trio in Adobe Illustrator

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