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Introducing Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Box

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Box

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It has been common knowledge for a while that a new version of Adobe's Creative Suite, CS5, was on the way , and now the wait is almost over! In the coming weeks, I will be showing you the new features of Illustrator CS5, with tips and tricks and tutorials to help you learn the new features and use them to their potential. Until then, here is a taste of the newest version of Illustrator to whet your whistle while you wait for CS5 to be released. I'll show you just why you'll want to upgrade to this newest version of Illustrator. If you're an artist, Illustrator CS5 will take you to new heights; if you aren't an artist... well, let's just say that with the new tools in Illustrator CS5, no one will ever know. I encourage you to watch the videos linked here from Adobe TV to show you how the new features work! All screen shots for this article are from Adobe's Reviewer's package.

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