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Icon & Cursor Editors for Windows

Tools and utilties for managing, editing, and creating your own icons and cursors for Windows.

Anything's An Icon (Win)
"The complete icon creation and editing system for Windows 95/98/2000/NT."

Aha-soft Icon Tools (Win)
Software tools to edit, extract, collect, and convert Windows icons.

AWicons Pro (Win)
"AWicons Pro allows searching, creating, editing and managing icons, cursors and other small imagery."

Axialis IconWorkshop (Win)
"Axialis IconWorkshop (formerly AX-Icons) is a professional tool designed to Create, Extract, Convert, Manage and Redistribute Windows Icons... supports the new Windows XP Icons with Alpha Channel images (a.k.a. Smooth Transparency)... read Macintosh Icons and convert them to Windows format in seconds."

Easy Icon Maker (Win)
"A small and easy-to-use all-in-one icon utility for icon making, editing, changing, extracting, and searching." Edit transparent or opaque icons. Supports sizes of 16 X 16, 32 X 32, 48 X 48, 64 X 64 or custom.

EasyApps Icon Software (Win)
Offering EasyIcons and IconEasel software for icon extraction, creation, editing, viewing, and conversion.

GoldIcon (Win)
A free, small editor for creating and saving icons.

IconArt (Win)
This compact icon creator allows you to either draw icons from scratch using common tools or import an image to turn into a icon. Freeware.

IconEasel (Win)
A complete icon and cursor editor with drawing tools, support for animated cursors, dithering tools, gradient fills, and more.

IconEdit2 (Win)
True color icon editor and screen capture tool. "Supports ICO, EXE, DLL, BMP and JPEG for open/extract/convert to icons."

MacIco (Win)
Converts Mac icons into Windows icons. Freeware.

PixelToolbox (Win)
Design desktop graphics for the Windows operating system. Create, edit, and apply 1-bit patterns, wallpaper tiles, icons, and cursors - all from a single integrated environment.

Quick Icon Grabber (Win)
This utility will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all icon it finds, allowing you to save them as icons, GIFs, JPEGs, or bitmaps.

RealWorld Cursor Editor (Win)
Create and edit static and animated Windows cursors. "A drag-and-drop based interface allows users to easily reorder, duplicate, or append frames to animated cursors. Images in cursors can be modified by drawing tools such as Lines, Curves, Rectangles, or Ellipses. Application contains several predefined filters covering color corrections, sharpening, softening, motion blur, and other effects."

RealWorld Designer Icon Editor (Win)
RealWorld Designer is a complete solution for icon editing. It automatically creates Windows XP compatible icons from images and 3D models. On each generated image, a configurable special effect is applied. 37 icons with source 3D art included.

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