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About Graphics File Formats and Types of Computer Graphics

General information, specifications, comparisons, and tips for all the major graphics file formats. Resources for researching unknown file extensions, converting graphic formats, and more.
  1. About Shockwave (2)
  2. About SVG (10)
  3. Choosing a Format for Web (6)
  4. About MNG (4)
  5. About PNG (12)
  6. About JPEG & JPEG2000 (34)
  7. About GIF (7)
  8. Emerging Graphics Formats (6)
  9. Researching File Extensions (5)

What are Photo Objects?
Learn about background-free photo object images.

What are Picture Tubes? What are TUB and PSPTUBE files?
Learn what you need to know about Picture Tubes, a file format and tool feature of the photo editor Paint Shop Pro. Learn exactly what tubes are and how you can use them in Paint Shop Pro or in other software.

How Can I Convert a Proprietary File into a Bitmap?
FinePrint can save pages and print jobs to the standard graphics formats TIFF, JPEG, and BMP. In addition, you can choose the resolution of the saved file, and whether to save the document in color or monochrome.

Which Graphics File Format Is Best To Use When?
Learn which format is best for saving your images with these general guidelines and brief file format explanations.

Raw or JPEG? Should You Capture Digital Photos In Raw or JPEG Format?
There is so much misinformation about RAW and JPG that even many professional photographers and graphics designers are confused. Learn why professional photographer Steve he prefers the JPG format over Raw.

How Do I Convert Oddball Graphic Files into a More Common File Format?
I am often asked how to to convert some very obscure or proprietary graphics files into more widely used formats like JPEG, TIFF, or BMP. Here are my best suggestions for this situation as well as a reminder to future-proof your files so this doesn't happen to you.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
The next generation of Web graphics are being developed today... find out what's in store for the PNG format in the new millennium.

Converting Images
Learn how to convert graphics between various formats, identify file formats, and find the software you need for converting images.

Vector and Bitmap Images
It's almost impossible to discuss graphics software without first understanding the differences between these two major graphic types. Get the facts about bitmap and vector images here.

Facts About Vector Images
Vector images are made up of many individual, scalable objects. These objects are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels, so they always render at the highest quality.

Best Graphics Formats for Desktop Publishing
This simple chart outlines the best use for several common formats. Match the format to your job either by starting with graphics in that format or by converting other artwork to the desired format.

Computer Graphics Metafile
An overview of the international standard vector file format.

File Formats
Discussion of four basic graphic file formats, GIF and JPEG for the web, and TIFF and EPS for printed documents.

Graphics File Format Specs
Links to technical specifications, infomation, and utilities for various graphics file formats.

Open source tools and libraries for application developers to read, write, manipulate and convert over 68 popular image formats.

Masks, Clipping Paths, and EPS
EPS is the only file format which supports both the raster data of the bitmap, and the vector data of the mask or clipping path, for exporting to a page layout program.

Two Kinds of Computer Graphics
Explanations and examples of bitmapped vs. vector images, as well as anti-aliasing, and the EPS format.

What is Encapsulated PostScript?
From the PostScript FAQ, this document explains the unique features of EPS.

Windows Metafile FAQ
Answers questions about WMF including the basics, converting between formats, WMF clipart, importing and editing, and internal structure.

You Convert It
This free site lets you upload a number of different document, image, audio, and video file types, and will convert them to another format of your choosing.

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