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Definition: In graphics software, the resample command is used to increase or decrease the size and/or resolution of a bitmap-based image. An image is upsampled to increase the resolution by adding new pixels. An image is downsampled to decrease the resolution by throwing out pixels.

Resampling an image usually results in a loss of image quality because pixels must either be interpolated or thown out. The exception is when the resolution of an image is changed without modifying the pixel dimensions. For example, an image with pixel dimensions of 1200 by 1600 can be printed at a size of 4 x 5.3 inches at 300 dpi or at 8 x 10.6 inches 150 dpi. Reducing the resolution while increasing the print size does not result in image destruction, but it will result in a loss of print quality.

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Also Known As: upsample, downsample, resize

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