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What is a Photo Mosaic? How can I Create Photo Mosaics?


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Example photo mosaic created by Ozlace.

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Question: What is a Photo Mosaic? How can I Create Photo Mosaics?

What software do I need to combine many tiny photos to create a photo-tapestry, or photo mosaic picture?

Answer: You may have seen photo-tapestries or photo mosaics in magazine ads or on television. A photo mosaic is a picture made up of many smaller pictures. The small tile images can be seen up close, but at a distance, an entirely different image can be seen. Photo mosaics are also referred to as photo montages, photo-tiled pictures, and photo tapestries.

Robert Silvers is the creator of Photomosaic® software technology, and his company, Runaway Technology, produces many of the famous Photomosaics you may have seen in magazines, ads and posters today. The Photomosaic® technology invented by Robert Silvers is patented in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan and the right to use this process is vigilantly monitored and protected.

One of my most memorable experiences of seeing a photo-tapestry was at a U2 concert for the 2005 Vertigo tour. During the song "One," they showed a collage of faces from the audience up on one of the big screens above the stage. The faces kept filling the screen, getting smaller and smaller as if a camera was zooming out, and then all of a sudden you could see that all the tiny faces from the audience were making up a moving image of Bono's face as he was singing... and it was all live. It was a really neat moment. I can't imagine the computing power that went into that since all the faces were in real time, and the photo mosaic of Bono was portraying the live motion.

Today, personal computers are powerful enough to create photo-tiled pictures in a relatively short amount of time. And despite the patents of Runaway Technology, there is a lot of free and inexpensive software, as well as Web-based tools, that you can use to make a photo mosaic image from your own collection of personal photos. The larger your collection of source images, the better your photo-tapestry will turn out. The following page has more information about photo mosaics as well as links to software and online tools you can use to create your own photo tapestries.

Photo Mosaic Software and Information

The example photo mosaic shown here was created by forum member Ozlace. Click here to see the full-size photo mosaic.

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