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How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in GIMP


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How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in GIMP
Tilt Shift Effect
Photo © helicopterjeff from Morguefile.com
The tilt shift effect has become very popular in recent years, perhaps largely because many photo filter type apps include such an effect. Even if you haven't heard the name tilt shift, you will almost certainly have seen examples of such photos. Typically they will show scenes, often shot a little from above, that have a shallow band in focus, with the rest of the image blurred. Our brains interpret these images as being photos of toy scenes, because we have become conditioned that photos with such focused and blurred areas are in fact photos of toys. However it is a very easy effect to create in image editors, such as GIMP.

The tilt shift effect is named after specialist tilt shift lenses that are designed to allow their users to move the front element of the lens independently of the rest of the lens. Architectural photographers can use these lenses to reduce the visual effect of vertical lines of buildings converging as they get higher. However, because these lenses only focus sharply on a narrow band of the scene, they have also been used to create pictures that look like photos of toy scenes.

As I've said, this is an easy effect to recreate, so if you've got a free copy of GIMP on your computer, click on to the next page and we'll get started.

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