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How to Use Photoshop Plugins in GIMP


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How to Use Photoshop Plugins in GIMP
Image with Photoshop plugin applied in GIMP

This is an image that has had a Photoshop plugin effect applied to it in GIMP.

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With little effort, you can use Photoshop-compatible plugins in GIMP. While Adobe Photoshop is a commercial product, there are many free Photoshop-compatible plugins available online.

There are already many GIMP plugins offered for free on the web, but the ability to use Photoshop plugins in GIMP opens up an even larger range of options for GIMP users.

Installing Photoshop plugins in GIMP actually requires that you install a plugin called PSPI, produced and offered for free by Tor Lillqvist.

Do note that not all Photoshop plugins will be compatible with GIMP after installing the PSPI plugin and you should test each one.

The following steps will take you through the process of using Photoshop plugins in GIMP on Windows.

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