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Tutorial to Add Fake Snow to a Photo in GIMP


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How to Simulate a Snowy Scene in GIMP - Introduction
Fake snow effect added to a photo

The fake snow effect that this tutorial will demonstrate using the free image editor, GIMP.

This tutorial shows how easy it is to add the effect of fake snow to a photo using the free pixel-based image editor GIMP. I recently added a tutorial showing how to add fake rain to a photo using GIMP and I thought that demonstrating a technique for fake snow might be useful for winter photos.

Ideally, you'll have a photo of a scene with snow on the ground, but it isn't essential. Snow isn't very common in our part of western Spain, but I did get a shot of snow on an olive tree earlier this year, which I with use to demonstrate this technique.

You can see the finished effect on this page and the following pages show you the simple steps needed to reach a similar result.

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