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Change the Color of Digital Papers with Hue-Saturation in GIMP


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Easy Way to Change the Color of Digital Papers in GIMP
Image of a digital paper

This digital paper has had half of it recolored using GIMP's Hue-Saturation feature.

© Kate Pullen

This technique can help you change the color of your digital papers in one simple step using the Hue-Saturation feature in GIMP. As digital scrapbooking is becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are producing digital papers on their computers. This also means that there are many digital papers and other digital elements available online, often for free.

When using digital elements produced by others, you often won't have access to original layered files and so even a simple color change could become quite daunting, but GIMP's Hue-Saturation feature can change the color in seconds. If using digital papers produced by others, you should check that their license gives permission to edit the file to produce a derivative work.

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