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Create Camo Patterns with a Free Photoshop Plugin, VandDerLee Camouflage


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Create Camo Patterns with VandDerLee Camouflage Plugin
Military camo pattern

Military Camoe pattern produced with the free VanDerLee Camouflage Photoshop plugin.

© Ian Pullen

Thanks to a free Photoshop plugin, it is very easy to produce military camouflage patterns. While you can use military camouflage patterns to give an army theme to a graphic design project, in recent years these types of patterns have broken out into fashion items also. The use of different colors that would never be used by the military can add a whole new dimension to this style of camouflage, or camo, patterns.

You can download a free Photoshop plugin from the VanDerLee website, which makes creating patterns very quick and easy. Don't worry if you don't have a copy of Photoshop as you can also use this plugin in the free image editor Irfanview. This article will show you how to set the free application up to be compatible with Photoshop plugins.

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