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Introduction to Photo Pos Pro the Free Pixel-Based Graphics Editor for Windows


Photo Pos Pro interface

Photo Pos Pro offers a comprehensive user interface

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Photo Pos Pro is a free pixel-based image editor that was previously marketed as a paid-for application. It has a pretty full feature set making it suitable for photographers looking for an application for image enhancing or for those looking to get a little more creative and artistic. It offers a viable alternative to some better known free image editors, such as GIMP and Paint.NET.

Highlights of Photo Pos Pro

Some of the key features of Photo Pos Pro include:

  • Wide range of tools and features with great degree of fine control
  • Red Eye Removal feature
  • Range of image adjustment tools, including several automatic tools
  • Selection of effects and filters
  • Reasonable text control for a free pixel-based image editor
  • Easily add frame effects to pictures
  • Wide selection of graphic objects for creative use
  • Good range of brushes that can be customized

Why Use Photo Pos Pro?

There are a number of free pixel-based image editors available and while they do much the same job, they tend to go about that job a bit differently, offering different tools to achieve similar end effects. Photo Pos Pro is a relatively powerful editor and could be ideal for users looking for a feature packed editor for their day to day use.

The power of the application does mean that it has quite a steep learning curve and so perhaps won't be the best option for users looking for an editor that they can dive straight into and start achieving great results. However those users prepared to spend a bit of time experimenting with the different tools and settings will see their investment rewarded as they become more accomplished at getting the most out of Photo Pos Pro.

The Limitations of Photo Pos Pro

Arguably the biggest limitation of Photo Pos Pro is the learning curve, which could put less-experienced users off persevering and discovering the application's strengths. I'm quite an experienced user of several different pixel-based image editors and I have to admit that at times Photo Pos Pro had me scratching my head as to how to achieve simple things.

Other than that, its limitations are minor. For instance, those who prefer to use Levels to adjust their images will be disappointed by their absence, but it's not much of a hardship to turn to Curves instead.

System Requirements

Photo Pos Pro is a Windows only application that can run on 98, ME, XP and Vista. The minimum system requirements are quite low with their website listing them as a 350MHz processor, 256MB RAM and 300MB of free hard drive space, so it should be usable on older machines and netbooks also.

Support and Training

Photo Pos Pro isn't one of the better known free pixel-based image editors and so doesn't enjoy the support of a large community, such as those that serve GIMP and Paint.NET. However, search engines will find some help resources, including a number of video tutorials.

Where Photo Pos Pro does stand out is in its in-program help files, which offer in-depth explanations of how to use all the features and tools. Many free applications fall down on this aspect and this is almost certainly a result of Photo Pos Pro previously being a paid-for application – good help files are essential when the end user is paying for a product.

Photo Pos Pro can be downloaded from the official Photo Pos Pro website.

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