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Bling Transparent PNG Files
Bling Transparent PNG Files

Bling Transparent PNG Files

© DonnaK, see terms of use included in file

Download the Bling Files

Bling is a collection of 5 transparent PNG files of glittery accents to use as digital scrapbooking embellishments or Paint Shop Pro picture tubes. They can be used in any graphics software which supports the PNG file format. Terms of Use are included in the zip file.

From DonnaK:
"I am 53 years old from Louisiana. I have been using PaintShop for about 10 years now and I've been sharing accents through a group I co-own--Sandi and donnaK on Yahoo groups--for about 6 years. I also own another group, Designers-CU, which shares commercial use embellishments. People who join the group are able to use all my embellishments I send out for free in their pay to use products with out a link back or credit. I have two scrap stores--www.elegantscraps.com, which will be opening the first part of Sept 2009, and www.designers-cu.com, which is now getting a face lift and will re-open in Oct. 2009."

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