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Fractal Software - Fractal Art Generators - Information About Fractals

Fractals are mathematically generated geometric patterns repeated at every scale. Here you can find Macintosh and Windows software for creating fractal images and additional resources for learning more about fractals and fractal art.

Aros Fractals (Win/Mac)
Explore classical fractal images at high resolutions. Freeware.

ArtMatic (Mac)
ArtMatic uses mathematics to randomly generate patterns, textures, animation, and sounds. $79 download, $99 on CD.

Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Lesson
A fractals lesson unit for elementary and middle school children with special notes for teachers.

Double Fractal (Win)
Fast and easy to use fractal generator. Freeware.

Easy Fractal (Mac)
Generate graphics and pictures of Mandelbrot and Jullia's Set fractals. Shareware, $20 US.

Fractal Art FAQ: Contents
Frequently asked questions and answers about fractal art.

Fractal Domains (Mac)
Shareware fractal generator for Power Macintosh. Features generation of Mandelbrot and Julia sets, editable color maps, anti-aliasing, and more. Exports to PICT, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG format. $20 US.

Fractal Explorer (Win)
Generate fractal images and animations. Freeware.

Fractal eXtreme (Win)
Explore fractals with intuitive point and click zooming. Features a unique palette editor, ability to create fractal zoom movies, an automated explore function, and much more. $34.95 US. 15-day trial available.

Fractal eXtreme Plug-ins (Win)
A set of plug-ins for Fractal extreme: Apolloian Packed Circles, Four Recursive Circles, and Sierpinski's Triangle.

Fractal Science Kit - Fractal Generator for Windows
The Fractal Science Kit fractal generator is a Windows program to generate a mathematical object called a fractal. The site includes a gallery of fractal images, tutorials and examples, general information about fractals, and full documentation for the Fractal Science Kit fractal generator.

Fractals, in Layman's Terms
What are fractals? Get the answer here in simple language without the technical jargon.

Offers nearly four hundred fractal images in various galleries, fractal info, fractal merchandise, downloads, and more.

FractalWorks (Mac)
"FractalWorks is a high performance fractal rendering program for Macintoshes running OS X version 10.4 or later. It is universal, and runs best on multi-core intel Macs."

Fractovia.org: Fractal Art
This fractal fan site offers galleries, tutorials, software, fractal discussion, and more.

HOP - Fractals in Motion (DOS/Win/OS/2)
HOP draws images and real-time animations that can be displayed as a screen saver or manipulated and saved as GIF files or as collections of parameter sets. $30 US.

Infinite Fractal Loop
A Web ring with hundreds of sites dedicated to fractal art.

Makin' Magic (DOS)
Author description: Generates both 2D and 3D fractal images and features a large number of formulas and colourings, many of the colourings being "smooth", as well as Mandelbrot/Julia/Newton fractals. It also does landscape/plasma fractals which can be viewed as a 3D landscape and flown over in realtime. Freeware.

Pomegranate Software - Fractals for iPhone and iPod Touch
Fractals is the first fractal app for iPhone that renders as you move and pinch to explore fractals in real-time!

Pocket Fractals (Windows and Pocket PC)
"Pocket Fractals is a free fractal program created by SpaceTime Mathematics, the makers of SpaceTime 3.0. Explore Mandelbrot fractals in real-time on your computer and mobile device at never before seen graphing speeds!"

Sterling2 (Win)
"Sterling2 is based on Sterling, a fractal-generating program written in 1999 by the redoubtable Stephen C. Ferguson." Free.

The Infinite Art of Kerry Mitchell & Janet Parke
Several galleries of fractal art and information about how it is created. You can purchase infinite art prints or send fractal e-cards.

Ultra Fractal (Win)
Advanced fractal software featuring multiple layers with merge modes, custom fractal formulas, custom coloring algorithms, gradient editor, formula editor, and more. Exports to BMP, JPEG, PNG, PSD (with layers) and TGA formats. US $35.

XaoS (DOS/OS/2/BeOS/Amiga/Unix/Mac)
Real-time fractal zoomer which displays the Mandelbrot set and other escape time fractals. Supports high frame-rate zooming, autopilot, palette changing, GIF saving, and fractal inversion. Freeware.

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