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If you're as much of a graphics fanatic as I am, then just one or two programs won't satisfy all your needs (or wants, as the case may be). But having it all can be pretty tough on the pocketbook. In the next few features I hope to show you some ways to get your hands on graphics software without breaking the bank.

Academic Software

One excellent way to get full versions of many high-end graphics programs is by purchasing academic software versions. If you are a student, staff, or faculty member of an educational institution, you probably qualify for special academic software purchases that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Academically priced software is full-featured, registerable, upgradeable software that is offered at a discount to individuals who are part of an educational institution. Often the software does not come with manuals, but the savings is almost always significant enough that you can afford to purchase a good book in addition to the software and still save a bundle. Even without manuals, there are thousands of free tutorials on the Web. These, combined with the online software help, should help you get up to speed even without software manuals.

If you think you qualify for academic software pricing, contact your school's campus bookstore or software store, or ask local software stores if they offer an academic discount. You can also find many academic software retailers online. See my list of Academic Software Vendors to comparison shop for education versions of graphics software.

Academic Software FAQs:
Can Academic Software be Upgraded?
Can Educational Software be Used in a Business for Commercial Purposes?
Does Academic Discounted Software Expire?

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"I'm currently working through a double certificate in Web and Digital design, and these programs are on my list to buy, I just hadn't yet due to some astronomical pricing. Is there anyone here that could possibly point me in the right direction to purchase this package with a student discount?" --GingerMarie

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