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Microsoft Expression Resources (formerly Creature House Expression)

Formerly from Creature House, Microsoft Expression is a vector-based illustration application based on a unique "skeletal strokes" technology which brings a natural-media painterly style to vector art. Here you'll find tips, tutorials, downloads, and other resources for Expression users.
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Microsoft Expression Technology Preview
January 24, 2006: Microsoft released the first community technology preview (CTP) of Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer (formerly known under the codename of “Sparkle”). At the same time, Microsoft released the fourth CTP to Expression Graphic Designer (formerly known under the codename of “Acrylic”).

Microsoft Announces the Expression Family of Design Tools
September 14, 2005 - Microsoft officially announced the Expression family of design tools at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005.

Microsoft Acrylic Community Technology Preview
Acrylic is the codename for Microsoft's professional creative design tool, based on the Creature House Expression software acquired in 2003.

Microsoft "Acrylic" Beta for Windows
June 10, 2005: Microsoft has released codename "Acrylic" as a time-limited, free trial beta version of a new illustration, painting and graphics tool based on the excellent Creature House Expression 3 software, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2003.

Creature House Acquired by Microsoft
Microsoft quietly acquired Creature House, creators of Expression 3 natural media drawing software, in September of 2003. Sales and downloads of Expression on the Creature House Web site have been suspended indefinitely.

Review: Creature House Expression 3 (Win/Mac)
Expression is a vector-based drawing tool featuring "skeletal strokes," a 2D drawing primitive which offers complete editability and scalability. Expression was the first graphics program to allow users to create brush strokes from arbitrary pictures, and remains the most artistically-oriented vector-based drawing package available.

Expression Station
"Expression Station.com is your starting point for Microsoft's exciting new Expression products." The site offers tutorials and discussion forums.

Creature House Expression Home
The site for Creature House, the creators of Expression. Site offers a tryout download, gallery, tutorials, updates, and more.

Official Expression Discussion Group
Microsoft hosts this discussion group for Expression.

Planet PunkClown Expression 2 Page
Several examples of Expression 2 art work.

Studio E3
Offers tutorials, a showcase of Expression art work, downloads, and news for users of Expression.

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