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Using Extractions in Digital Layouts: The Pop Out
The Pop Out

©Bonnie Covel, created in Photoshop 7

One of my favorite extraction techniques is to make the subjects look as if they are popping out of the photo. I used Photoshop 7 to create the bottom left picture:
  1. Duplicate the picture.
  2. On the top layer, extract the upper two thirds of the picture (to see your extraction, click the eye on the bottom layer to turn the bottom layer off, then turn it back on).
  3. In the Layers Palette, highlight the bottom layer. Choose the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" from the Toolbox. Select an area around the bottom of the photo, making your side lines turn in a bit to give perspective.
  4. Choose Select > Inverse, then Edit > Cut. You should be left with your top extraction layer and your bottom, filled in layer.
  5. Optional: On the bottom layer, to add a stroke and other layer styles, choose Layer > Layer Style. I used an inside white stroke of 7 pixels and an inner bevel of 5 pixels.

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