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A Beginner's Reference to Digital Scrapbooking


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Digital Scrapbooking Introduction
A Digital Scrapbooking Layout

A Digital Scrapbooking Layout

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Digital scrapbooking, also called digi scrapping and computer scrapbooking, is the art of using graphics software to create layouts that display photographs and other memories (such as newspaper clippings, hospital bracelets, certificates, etc) for the purpose of preserving the moment. Layouts can be shared online, archived, or printed and placed in albums. Printed digital scrapbooks look similar to scrapbooks created the traditional way, with papers, stickers, and photos, in that they showcase photos in interesting designs.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout

A digital scrapbooking layout is the outcome of digi scrapping. It is a page of memories. A layout might include photos, elements, and journaling. A layout may include a single picture, multiple pictures, or no pictures at all.

The digital scrapbook layout shown above was created in Photoshop 7 and makes use of the magnetic lasso for the cutout at the top, drop shadow layer style for all photos, rectangular marquee and paint bucket for the stripes, and the custom shapes tool for the heart cutouts.

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