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PicaJet Free Edition 2.5 - Digital Photo Software

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PicaJet Free Edition

PicaJet Free Edition

The Bottom Line

PicaJet Free Edition 2.5 is a powerful organizer for your digital photos. Its printing and sharing options are quite limited, but for organizing, browsing, and light editing of your digital photos it is very impressive. PicaJet Free Edition gives you a nice way to preview and sample some of the features of the PicaJet FX upgrade, but if you stick with the free version, you'll probably become annoyed with the embedded teasers urging you to upgrade.


  • Excellent photo organizing features. View lots of photo details and metadata.
  • Well-designed user interface with many ways to navigate and customize viewing.
  • Import Adobe Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements 3 databases.
  • Generate categories from folder names or IPTC keywords. Import IPTC descriptions and categories.
  • Modest system requirements. Compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.


  • Very limited printing, sharing, and editing options.
  • No backup/restore function, CD/DVD burning, or red eye tool in free version.
  • "Fix Image" edits overwrite original in free version.
  • When emailing pictures which are already smaller than optimized size, PicaJet makes them larger.
  • Program was slow and unresponsive at times. Poorly written help file.


  • Import photos and assign categories, ratings, and captions. Supports RAW files and video clips.

  • Automatically import from camera or watched folders. Windows Explorer integration.

  • Non-destructive quick edits: rotate, flip, crop, brightness/floresence, auto fix.

  • Fix image tools: brightness/contrast, hue saturation, crop (more in FX version).

  • Share pictures by email or Web gallery. Print individual photos or contact sheets.

  • Browse and view photos by category, folder, slide show, import order, or month.

  • Search by caption, dates, rating, format, file name, location, size, color depth, or DPI.

  • Download extra skins, web gallery templates, category icons, slide show effects, and plugins.

  • Includes teasers for upgrading to PicaJet FX which costs US$39.95.

  • Mutiple-language support: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Russian, and many more.

Guide Review - PicaJet Free Edition 2.5 - Digital Photo Software

When you first run PicaJet, you're welcomed by the Quick Start Wizard where you choose photos to import, and whether to automatically create categories from folder names or IPTC keywords. You can also import an existing Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements 3 database. After selecting your options, you can choose an interface skin, and then PicaJet begins importing your photos.

PicaJet's organizational features have many similarities to Photoshop Album and Elements, but it offers a more flexible user interface with more options for navigating and viewing your photos. Categories are similar to "tags" in Adobe's products, and you can assign unlimited categories with two levels of nesting in the free version. You can also view your pictures by folder location, import date, or by month taken. PicaJet makes it easy to add and edit ratings, categories, descriptions, and dates, and you can view EXIF metadata and other file details.

PicaJet's editing and sharing options are fairly limited. A few non-destructive editing tools can be accessed from the main photo browser, and I especially liked how the quick crop function was implemented. A Fix Image button opens a window with more editing tools, most of which are crippled in the free version. For sharing photos, you are limited to email and Web galleries, which will require your own server space and a separate FTP program for uploading.

If you're looking for a free, tag-based photo organizer, give PicaJet Free Edition a look.

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