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Several Techniques for Removing a Date from a Photo


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Remove the Date with the Healing or Patch Tool (Photoshop)
Remove the Date Healing or Patch tool

Photoshop's healing and patch tools can work well for removing a date without too much evidence.

Photoshop offers a patch tool and a healing brush which quickly remove flaws while preserving the background texture in the surrounding area. Photoshop Elements has similar tools — the spot healing tool and the healing brush.

In the example above, I first selected the yellow date numerals using the magic wand, then I expanded the selection by one pixel, and used Photoshop's Patch tool. The results shown in the top half of the example are pretty good after just the patch tool, but the line between the refrigerator and the flooring is a little ragged. In the lower half of the example image, you can see the results of my attempt to clean the edge up. This was done with one careful swipe using the clone tool. The overall results might not be perfect, but they are pretty darn good.

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