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Several Techniques for Removing a Date from a Photo


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Dates on Pictures are Ugly!
Dates on Pictures are Ugly!

Dates on pictures are ugly! Let's learn how to remove them.

© S. Chastain, Photo © Jean Brandau, used with permission
I don't understand why some people like to put dates directly on photos like this one, but I wish they would stop. It really detracts from the picture. One nice thing about digital cameras is that they automatically embed the date in the EXIF metadata that is stored in the file, so you don't need to have the date directly on the image. If you do need to put the date directly on a digital photo, add some extra pixels to the bottom of the document and put the date there, or at least put it on an inconspicuous part of the image.

OK, off my soapbox… the point of this is to show you several ways to get rid of dates that are printed directly on a photo, like this one. This isn't a detailed tutorial of a single technique; it's an overview of several techniques that should be useful in many situations. If you'd like to try some of these techniques as you read about them, you can save the example image above and practice removing the date as you follow along.

Special thanks to Jean Brandau, Huntsville Guide, for use of the photo and for inspiring this article. If you'd like to download the photo used in this tutorial to try these techniques at home, click here.

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