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Prep Your Photos for the Web
Rotate Crop and Resize in Paint Shop Pro

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If you take pictures in portait orientation, the images will need to be rotated.

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To rotate your images in Paint Shop Pro, you go to Image -> Rotate. For pictures taken with a digital camera, you'll most likely need to rotate 90 degrees to the right. The dialog box with these settings is shown below. After rotating your image, Paint Shop Pro may display the image at a different zoom size than was shown before rotating. Don't worry, your actual image size has not changed and you can set the view back to Normal Viewing (actual size) under the View menu.


CropThe next step in prepping your images should be to crop and resize them. When you're putting your images on the Web, it's important to keep the images as small as possible so they will download faster. By cropping your photos of any unneccessary elements, your viewers can focus on only the important parts of your picture, and you'll reduce the file size as well.

To crop your image, select Paint Shop Pro's cropping tool, indicated with a red outline in the toolbar to the left. After you select the crop tool, click and drag out a rectangular area in your image. After you let go of the mouse button, the image will show the outline of the area to be cropped. You can hold the mouse over the outline and drag the lines to adjust the size of the cropping area. When you're satisfied with the selection, double click inside the crop area and your image will be cropped.

To resize an image in Paint Shop Pro, go to Image -> Resize. For the Web, be sure to click the radio button for Actual / Print Size and set the Resolution to 72 pixels per inch.


Next, click the Pixel Size radio button and change the width and the height using pixel dimensions.

For photos, you should use the Smart Size option for the resize type and leave Maintain aspect ratio checked.

Remember to use the Unsharp Mask filter after resizing your images since resizing always results in some blurring. You can reach the Unsharp Mask filter in Paint Shop pro by going to Image -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask.

Unfortunately, there are no automation capabilities in Paint Shop Pro 7 and earlier. If you have several images to prepare, you'll have to perform each of these steps manually for each image or upgrade to Paint Shop Pro 8 or newer. An alternative is to use a third party program for batch processing.

Next, learn how you can easily embellish your images to make them more memorable.


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