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'Faded Beach to Brighter Day' by Kristy Boyette

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Before and After touch-up

This picture is almost 50 years old.

'Faded Beach to Brighter Day' by Kristy Boyette
Member Name: Kristy Boyette

Type of graphics software user: Hobbyist
Experience with graphics software: A couple of years
Operating System: Windows

About the image: I used Corel Photo Paint - I used the clone tool a lot. I'm still learning and haven't tried the healing tool yet. I did a sample target to restore the color to the photo - which made a dramtic difference. This picture is almost 50 years old.

What graphics software do you use on a regular basis?
Corel Photo Paint

What was the first graphics program you learned?
Corel Paint

What is your all-time favorite graphics program and why?
Corel Photo Paint - it's the only one I've been able to get my hands on.

How do you use graphics software in your day-to-day activities?
I use it for everything - to correct and make regulars photographs better and more focused on the target - for Christmas presents for the Grandparents - cards, mailings, wall art, anything I can think of - and I try and think of everything! Any excuse to play!

What is your best graphics tip or piece of advice?
This one has been helpful. I hop here and there but don't have a favorite yet.

About the author:
I am mother of 2 and work from home.

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