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DxO Optics Pro 9 Overview
An overview of DxO Optics Pro professional photography software which can drastically improve the results you get from your camera.

Darktable for Mac Review
Darktable is a free and open-source RAW converter and digital darkroom photo processing software for Mac and Linux.

How Can I Remove a Watermark from a Picture?
A watermark is intentionally hard to remove from a digital photo. Can a watermark be removed? Should a watermark be removed?

Lightzone Review
Lightzone is a free digital darkroom and raw conversion software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Can the iPad be a Tool for Serious Photographers?
More serious photographers, and those who shoot raw camera files, may be wondering if the iPad can fit into a raw photography workflow. This article discusses some of the ways photographers can utilize an iPad, as well as the limitations of the iPad for photographers.

A Few Simple Things to Greatly Enhance Your Pictures
You may not think you need to do any out-of-camera photo editing before you print or share your photos, but there are a few, simple things you can do to make those good photos so much better.

Personal Photoshop Disasters and Embarrassing Graphics Mistakes
Although software like Photoshop is capable of fixing a multitude of faults, us humans have to control it, and that can lead to mistakes. Here's a chance for you to share your worst or most embarrassing Photoshop disasters and graphics mistakes, or feel better about yourself by perusing the Photoshop disasters that others have made. See.........See submissions

Why is my Picture Turned Sideways?
Are your portrait orientation pictures displaying sideways on your computer or online? Learn how to get those vertical photos to display correctly instead of sideways.

Top Digital Photo Software for Family Photos
Digital photo software is designed for people who want to organize and share personal and family photos, but don't want to spend a lot of time editing them. Here are my picks for the best software in this category.

Share Your Digital Photo Backup Strategy or Story
Share your digital photo backup story and help others looking for an efficient photo backup solution for their own photo collection.

What is a digital camera raw file?
Definition and overview of the raw files created by many high-end digital cameras.

Quick Photo Fixes
As hard as we try, not every photo comes out perfect. Thankfully, today's photo editing software makes it easy to correct a myriad of mistakes. Here are some software solutions to many common photo problems.

Use Your Personal Facebook Email to Post Pictures from any Ph…
Are you a Facebook user who uses a photo organizer that does not support Facebook upload directly? Now Facebook allows you to upload photos by email using a email address created just for you by the Facebook service. This provides a simple workaround you can use to post pictures to Facebook from your usual email program, and any photo management software that has an option to send pictures by em…

Raw or JPEG? Users Respond.
When shooting digital photos, do you prefer the ease of use that shooting JPEG brings, or the flexibility of shooting raw and preserving the digital negative?

Email Optimized Pictures From Windows Vista
When sending pictures by email, it's important to reduce the size of your pictures so they transfer faster and are more viewable on the recipient's screen. Windows Vista has an automated function that will resize, optimize, and email a group of pictures without altering your originals.

Top Digital Darkroom Software for Digital Photographers
Digital darkroom software is designed for simulating darkroom techniques with digital photos. This software offers sophisticated tools for advanced amateur, fine-art, and professional photographers. It generally does not have painting, drawing, and pixel-level editing tools that a general-purpose photo editor would have, and it may or may not...

Photo Retouching and Restoration Before and After Gallery
This inspiring gallery displays the before and after results of digital photos that have been retouched or restored using graphics software. Browse these before and after images to learn from our members and see what kind of results can be achieved with a little photo editing know-how.

Quick Photo Fixes - Software Solutions to Many Common Photo Problems
As hard as we try, not every photo comes out perfect. Thankfully, today's photo editing software makes it easy to correct a myriad of mistakes. Here are some software solutions to many common photo problems.

Photo Composites Gallery - Montages, Collages and Composites
This gallery displays collages, montages, and photo composites made up of two or more pictures blended and merged together in creative ways. The composites in this gallery were created by visitors of varying skill levels using a variety of graphics software.

Protect Your Photos from Disaster
When considering natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and fires, many plan to take their family photos with them. When the worst happens, this is often not possible. Now is the time to think about how to ensure the future safety of family photos.

Raw or JPEG? Should You Capture Digital Photos In Raw or JPEG Format?
There is so much mis-information about RAW and JPG that even many professional photographers and graphics designers are confused. I am a full time professional photographer. I work with JPG files every day. I never shoot RAW for my day-to-day work. That does not mean everyone should work just like me, but you should know some facts and forget the fiction.

Free Online Class: Organize Your Photos with Photoshop Elements
Are you downing in digital photos and looking for a better way to organize them? If so, this free e-mail course is for you! In just two weeks of daily lessons, you will learn how to utilize all the features of Photoshop Elements 3's Photo Organizer to get your photo collection organized and begin enjoying your photos more.

Several Techniques for Removing a Date from a Photo
Explore several techniques for removing a date from a photo.

Improve Your Image - Touch-Up Facial Features Digitally
Learn techniques for touching up facial features. Remove red eye, whiten and brighten teeth, smooth skin, conceal blemishes, and erase wrinkles with your favorite software. Includes step-by-step how-to's for Photoshop, Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, and PhotoSuite.

10 Step Picture Prep Guide
Whether you get your photos from a scanner, digital camera, or a third party, they almost always require some form of manipulation before final output. Here's a start-to-finish guide to common image processing tasks for preparing your photos for final output.

Tools and Techniques for Removing Backgrounds from Graphic Images
Explore a variety of tools and techniques for removing the background from graphic images. Includes overviews of specialized masking software and specific tools in various image editing programs including Photoshop, Photo-Paint, and Paint Shop Pro.

Removing Backgrounds and Maintaining Transparency
An overview of the various approaches you can take for removing a backgound from an image and maintaining transparency when moving images between programs.

Transparency From Here to There
So, you just painstakingly removed the background from an image and now you want to use the partially transparent image somewhere else. What do you do? Well, the answer isn't simple--it depends on where you are going with it. So let's take a look at your options.

Email Optimized Pictures From Windows XP
When sending pictures by email, it's important to reduce the size of your pictures so they transfer faster and are more viewable on the recipient's screen. Windows XP has an automated function that will resize, optimize, and email a group of pictures without altering your originals.

Top Digital Camera Newbie Mistakes to Avoid
Digital photography brings with it a lot of freedom, but it also opens up a whole new world of technology that can be confusing to the newcomer. The resources in this article with help you overcome and avoid the most common digital camera newbie mistakes.

Use the Rule of Thirds when Cropping
Using the rules of thirds when cropping your digital photos will create a more pleasing composition.

Back Up Your Digital Photos
Some people will save film negatives for generations, but when they make the switch to digital, they may never even consider the idea of making a second backup copy of their images.

What is a Histogram?
Understanding the histogram will help you get better results when you correct your photos.

Prepare Your Photos for the Web
Get your photos ready to put on the web with tips and step-by-step instructions for Photoshop, Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, and PhotoImpact. Learn how to rotate, crop, resize, and batch process images in these popular image editing programs.

Gifts for the Digital Darkroom
With digital cameras getting cheaper and better all the the time, more and more folks are catching the digital imaging fever. Whether you work with scanned photos or a digital camera, here's a roundup of gift selections that are sure to be an asset to any digital darkroom.

Gifts for Photo Fun-atics
These days, there are more options than ever before for getting your pictures into your computer. This can lead to loads of fun projects incorporating your photos and your own personal touch. Here's a selection of gift ideas that would be ideal for anyone who enjoys working with family photos in fun and creative ways.

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching (Book)
Anyone will be able to master professional techniques for retouching, restoring, and enhancing both new and old photos by following the step-by-step direction of this skilled Photoshop instructor.

Digital Camera Solutions
by Gregory Georges Whether you're a hobbyist or an experienced photographer, this book will inspire you to use digital images more effectively and show you how you can have more fun doing it.

Free Scrapbooking Cutouts
Free patterned graphics of frames, squares and tags for scrapbookers to print out and use. From Parenting of Adolescents Guide Denise Whitmer.

About Digital Cameras
Reviews and advice on buying a digital camera from Guide Michael Carr.

About Photography
Explore the world of Photography with Guide Peter Marshall.

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