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Digital Art Techniques and Tutorials

Discussion of digital art techniques and tutorials on creating original digital art work in a variety of software. Includes tutorials for drawing, painting, coloring, cartooning and adding enhancements to original artwork.
  1. Corel Painter Tutorials
  2. Expression Tutorials
  3. Photoshop Art Techniques
  4. Paint Shop Pro Art Techn...
  5. Illustrator Art Techniques
  6. PhotoImpact Art Techniques
  7. Drawing Cartoons, Comics...

Create Comic Book Art with Photoshop
Learn how you can use Photoshop to transform a photograph to a comic book style image similar to the pop art style of Roy Lichtenstein.

Digital Drawings Gallery
This inspiring gallery displays original digital art work created primarily using vector-based "drawing" programs like CorelDRAW, Xara, Expression Designer, or Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Paintings Gallery
This inspiring gallery displays original digital art work created primarily using a pixel-based "painting" program like Corel Painter, ArtRage, Alias Sketchbook, or Adobe Photoshop.

Bert Monroy's "Damen" Digital Painting
Bert Monroy has created what is very likely the largest Photoshop file ever. Photo-realistic in detail, his panorama of the Damen Station on the Blue Line of the Chicago Transit Authority took close to 2,000 hours to create over the course of a year. Bert used Adobe Illustrator to create the basic shapes and the buildings in the Chicago skyline, and the painting was finished in Photoshop.

Creative Thinking in Photoshop (Book Review)
This book can give direction to artists looking to enhance their work with digital tools.

How to Draw
About.com's Desktop Publishing Guide points you to some resources that will teach you how you can create your own original illustrations.

How to Paint Realistic Water Drops
From About Painting, this tutorial is for traditional painting, but the concepts can be applied to digital painting all the same.

Drawing for Animation - Free Email Course
Sign up for a free 8 week email course on Drawing for Animation from About Animation Guide Tom Franks.

3D and the Computer as a Fantasy Artist's Tool
A four-part discussion on using a combination of programs for creating fantasy art. Includes chapters on Bryce, Poser, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, and mixing programs.

Constructing the Human Head
Ron Leman's offers rules and guidelines for constructing the human head.

Creating Vector and Bitmap Illustrations
Team Artonomy shares their way of creating vector and bitmap illustrations.

Elfwood Fantasy Art Resource Project
"The FARP is a free guide to Fantasy & SciFi art/story creation, history, techniques and much more." Includes articles, discussion boards, and more.

Flesh Tone Coloring
Tips and techniques for coloring flesh tones with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. These techniques work best when starting from shaded grayscale images.

How to Draw a Face
A step-by-step guide to drawing a face. Gives the basic techniques that can be applied using any software.

Making a Logo
Artist Mike takes you though the steps for making a logo no matter what software you use.

Painting Gillian
A terrific overview on creating a painting based on a portrait photo.

Painting With Light and Dark
A discussion of light and shadow and 3D form, the fundamental skills of traditional art that every digital artist needs to understand.

The Illusion of Depth
"One of the difficulties with visual art is representing the three-dimensional world in two dimensions. The flat surfaces we use to communicate ideas... all present information in two dimensions. This article covers some effective techniques for representing the three-dimensional world using more limited two-dimensional media." by Andrew Kator

The Queen - A 3D Image Tutorial
Martin Murphy explains the process of creating his elaborate composition using Painter, Bryce, Poser, Ray Dream Studio and KPT.

Using Computers for Fantasy Realism
A lengthy, but thorough, overview on the entire process of creating realistic computer-generated art work. Includes lots of example images. Excellent!

Top 10 Pressure-Sensitive Graphics Tablets
These are the most popular brands and models of graphics tablets available in the US. The pressure-sensitive graphics tablets featured here are well-suited to both professional and home users who will be using the tablet for photo editing and digital art, or as a mouse replacement.

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