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Working with Type, Creating Text Effects and Logos in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW tutorials for working with text and creating type effects and logos. Includes techniques for using drop caps, fitting text to a path, creating type effects, and more. Also tips for managing fonts, creating fonts, and designing logos.

Create Text that Fills a Shape in CorelDRAW
How to create text that flows to fill a shape in CorelDRAW. Written for version 11, but should work in earlier versions.

Create Text on a Curve in CorelDRAW
How to create text that flows along a path or the outline of a shape in CorelDRAW. Written for version 11, but should work in earlier versions.

Fill Text With a Pattern in CorelDRAW
Step-by-step instructions for how to use a custom pattern as a fill for text and other objects in CorelDRAW.

Tracing a Logo with Bezier Curves
A forum member inspired this tutorial where I show you just how easy it is to recreate a logo using the bezier curve tool.

Break Apart Text
Break apart artistic text into separate lines, words, and characters in version 9. From the graphics software forum.

3D Textured Text
Create 3D textured text that resembles lava in CorelDraw 7.

Contoured Text
Create text with a gradient outline using the contour tool. Produces an effect like the title on the CorelDraw box. Version 7.0.

Converting a Bitmap Logo to Vector
Think CorelTRACE is the best way to convert a scanned logo? Think again... this lesson will show you how you can get better recreating a logo manually in CorelDRAW.

Cracked Text
Use the eraser tool and extrude effect to create cracked text in CorelDraw 8.

Create Fonts
Learn How To Create Fonts in CorelDraw 4, 5, 6, or 7

Distressed Text
Create distressed text effects that are purely vector objects using the artistic media brush.

Fitting Text to a Path
Foster Coburn takes the frustration out of placing text on a path in CorelDRAW 7 or higher.

Fountain Fill Text and Outlines
Learn how to fill text with fountain fills. Convert text outlines to objects for more gradient fill effects.

Golden Text
Create the look of golden text using contour and fountain fills. Version unspecified.

Instant Chrome Text
Create the look of chrome text in CorelDRAW. Version unspecified.

Logos for the Design-Challenged
A series of tutorials by Gary Preister where he demonstrates techniques for creating logos in CorelDRAW.

Neon Text
Create glowing, neon text effects. Version unspecified.

Wild Edges with CorelDraw
Using CorelDRAW 9's artistic media tool, you can create a variety of interesting effects for text and other objects.

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