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Learning the Tools, Features, and Interface of CorelDRAW

These tutorials focus on specific tools, features, and commands of CorelDRAW. Learning the basics and becoming familiar with the interface will help you make the most of CorelDRAW.

Create a Custom Cupcake Wrapper in CorelDRAW
Learn how to create a personalized cupcake wrapper in CorelDRAW. You'll start with a plain cupcake wrapper template, then dress it up with a pattern fill and text on a path, then duplicate it so you can save paper by printing two on a page.

Creating Custom Object Spraylists
How to create custom object sprays for the artistic media tool from your own drawings.

When 100% Isn't 100%
Change your CorelDRAW settings so that 100% on the screen is the same size as 100% in real life.

Combine and Weld
Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci Howard Bear explains the combine and weld commands in CorelDRAW.

Recovering Lost Documents
It may be possible to restore your work after a crash in CorelDraw. This article explains how to restore lost documents.

Basics of Fills and Outlines
A lesson on fills and outlines, including some of the new tools in CorelDRAW 9.

Learn how to use blends in CorelDraw to create graduated fill effects.

Create Calendars in CorelDRAW
"Have you ever tried to create a calendar in CorelDRAW by hand? Drawing all those boxes and inserting all the pieces of text is quite a bit of work. So I thought I'd show you a somewhat hidden feature that automatically creates calendars for you. The Calendar Wizard I'm going to describe comes with CorelDRAW 11/12."

Creating Graphs in CorelDRAW
You don't need a spreadsheet to create graphs and charts, you can use Draw and even make it three-dimensional with the EZ-Metrics add-on.

Color Styles for Quick Changes
Take advantage of CorelDRAW 8's Color Styles feature to easily make color changes.

A two part tutorial to help you understand the Corel TEXTURE utility that is included with CorelDRAW.

CorelDraw Masks
Learn how to use Corel's Powerclip feature to act like masks in a bitmap editing program.

Customizing Your Interface in CorelDRAW 8.0
Customizing your interface can help you be more productive in CorelDRAW.

Exporting PDF in CorelDRAW 9
Foster Coburn discusses good reasons for using PDF files, and shows you how to export PDF files from CorelDRAW 9.

Fountain Fills
An overview of using fountain fills in CorelDraw.

In The Blink of an Eye
Learn to use the Knife tool more effectively in DRAW 7, 8 or 9.

Mastering Layers in CorelDRAW 8 and 9
An excellent tutorial on using layers in CorelDRAW.

Printing Labels in CorelDRAW
"If you go to your favorite office supply store, you'll find a whole aisle dedicated to labels. The weird thing is that most CorelDRAW users aren't aware how easy it is to design artwork for all those label sheets. In this tutorial I'll cover how to use a popular label that is predefined in CorelDRAW and also how to create your own label template for labels that aren't included."

Saving Defaults
Learn how to change and save default settings in CorelDRAW 6-7-8-9.

Scrapbook & Templates
Learn how you can save time by creating custom templates and using the scrapbook in CorelDRAW 7 and higher.

Secrets of Color Management
Explains why colors on your screen don't always match what you get from your printer, and discusses a couple of ways you can get better color matching from CorelDRAW.

The Miracle of Transparency
Learn about lens effects and interactive transparency features in this excerpt from Mastering CorelDRAW 9.

Using Print Merge
How to uncover and use the hidden Print Merge command in DRAW 8 and 9.

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