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Creating Original Art and Special Effects in CorelDRAW

Tutorials and techniques for creating a original art and popular special effects in CorelDRAW. Includes tips for drawing, painting, coloring, cartooning and adding enhancements to original artwork.

Draw to Paint in the Style of Seurat
Start with symbols in CorelDRAW, then import the artwork into Paint and apply a pointillism effect.

Have a Heart, Or Four
Four techniques for creating 3D Hearts in CorelDraw 9. Starts with the basic heart shape, and also covers creating custom object spraylists for the artistic media tool.

Virtual Egg Painting
Create virtual Easter eggs in Corel and Photo-Paint with this lesson from Desktop Publishing Guide Jacci Howard Bear.

Interlocking Rings
Create interlocking rings such as those in the Olympic Games' logo. This tutorial uses the artistic media tool in CorelDraw 9 to give the rings a rounded, 3D appearance. See the alternate version of the tutorial for CorelDraw 8.

Drawing with Symbols
Think you can't draw a picture in CorelDRAW? Learn how to create scenes using the symbol library in Draw 4 or higher. Also see these additional tutorials for creating a farm scene and a camping scene.

Wavy Bordered Background
From your Guide, learn how to create a bordered background image with a wavy edge.

Basket Weave Fill
Ruth Huking shows you how to make a custom basket weave fill in Draw 7, but the technique will work in many other versions.

The Beauty of the Blend
Use the bend tool for creating geometric shapes, interesting effects, shading, a coiled rope, and more.

Chess Board
Draw a chess board with this beginner tutorial for CCorelDRAW 9.

Christmas Ball
Create a Christmas ball ornament using CorelDraw 9 and Photo-Paint 9.

Symbols from Draw to Paint
Make your "symbol scenes" look more realistic by adding effects in Photo-Paint.

Vase of Flowers
Create a vase full of colorful flowers using symbols in CorelDRAW 9, then add effects using Photo-Paint.

3D Buttons
Combine shapes and fill with gradients for 3D buttons in CorelDraw 7 and up.

Animated Egyptian Eye
This 18-part intermediate tutorial shows you how to create an animated Egyptian eye from start to finish. The examples use CorelDRAW and ImageReady, but you could use any drawing software and GIF assembler. Includes downloadable templates and masterframe.

Coffee Cup Animation
Create a coffee cup animation. Uses CorelDRAW 8 or 9 to create the frames and Adobe ImageReady to assemble them into an animated GIF.

Business Card
Create a layout for a business card and letterhead in CorelDraw 9.

Constructing Isometric Grid Paper
A grid is a valuable drawing aid when drawing isometric views. Here's how to create one in CorelDRAW 9.

DRAW 9: Fun Effects
Gary Priester introduces you to some of the fun, new effects you'll find in CorelDRAW 9.

Creating Needlepoint & Cross Stitch Patterns
"This tutorial will show you how to convert your CorelDRAW drawing to a graph that you can use for needlepoint or counted cross stitch."

DRAW 9: More Effects
Explore more of the new effects in DRAW 9, including Artistic Media Brush Strokes, and several ways for creating glowing, neon text.

Drop Shadows
Drop shadows with the blend feature in CorelDraw 7.

Creating a Hover Button
Create a set of Web buttons that glow when you mouse over them.

Creating Web Page Background JPEG Files
Learn how to create several different types of background for Web pages, save them as JPEG files, and use them in your Web page.

Creating Stencils To Paint On T-Shirts
Learn how to construct stencils from CorelDRAW, cut them out and apply them to a T-Shirt using CorelDRAW 9 and Corel TRACE 9.

Gradients on a Path
This advanced tutorial shows you how to create gradients that change angle for more realistic shading.

Use dingbat fonts in CorelDRAW or other illustration software to create unique Web graphics. Part one shows you how to convert the dingbats into editable curves, and part two shows you how to add effects to give the images some pizzazz.

Learn how to combine basic shapes to create an intricate jewelry design in CorelDRAW 10.

Let There Be Lines
Two pages of techniques for creating a variety of lines including dotted lines, pattern lines, faded lines, and gridlines.

Pattern From a Digital Photo
Use a digital photo as a basis for a woodcut pattern. Learn how to convert the photo to vector artwork, then divide it up and lay it out in Draw to produce a full-size pattern.

Create a 3D marble ball in CorelDraw 9.

Quick Christmas Ornaments
Make these Christmas ornaments easily with any version of CorelDRAW from version 6 up.

Page Curl
Create a page curl effect with CorelDraw 7.

Psychedelic Effects
Use blend and combine tools to create psychedelic effects. Version unspecified.

Yahoo! Style Buttons
A simple 3D button technique using CorelDraw 7.

Stacking Boxes
This is a crafty project where you learn how to make a set of boxes that fit inside each other.

Star Blending
Use the polygon tool and blend tool for interesting effects in CorelDraw 9.

Sunset Scene
Draw a sunset scene with this advanced tutorial for CorelDRAW 9.

Create a starburst or flower design with this beginner tutorial for CorelDRAW 9.

Using CorelDRAW as a Design Aid
Here's how one user takes advantage of CorelDRAW to create instructional patterns for his artwork. In this tutorial a pattern is created for southwest copper arrowheads.

Using a Blend to Lighten Clipart
Create a lightened or tinted clipart object for a watermark using the blend tool.

Using CorelDRAW to Make Quilting Blocks
Even if you're not a quilter, this is a great tutorial to help you learn many of CorelDRAW's tools. Learn how to draw and manipulate shapes, work with grids, use the knife tool, work with fills, and more.

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