1. Technology

Add-ons & Tools for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Commercial add-on utilities and tools to extend the functionality of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and its applications--CorelDRAW, Photo-Paint, and R.A.V.E.

Crafting Designs for CorelDRAW - Guide Review
This CD contains 100 designs and templates for quickly making cards, bookmarks, calendars, and many more craft projects. Compatible with CorelDRAW 9 and up. $24.95 US.

Cutting Edge F/X for Photo-Paint
Featured Download - Special effects add-on for Corel Photo-Paint 8 and 9. Free demo available.

CADinTools Software - VBA Macros for CorelDRAW
"CADinTools is an extra toolbar to add to your CorelDraw or CorelDesigner. This software was developed for Architects, Engineers, Product Designers, Mechanics and anyone with knowledge of Corel Draw."

Calendar Wizard 4.0 for CorelDRAW
"Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.0 is a CorelDRAW add-on to create professional quality calendar layouts of various styles and levels of complexity." Works with CorelDRAW 10 and 11.

CoCut 8 for CorelDRAW! (Win)
Direct vinyl cutting software for CorelDRAW.

EuroVECTOR (Win)
Color vectorization software designed to meet the needs of professional sign makers, screen printers, embroidery digitizers, engravers or printers.

EZ Metrics
This add-on makes it easier to create technical illustrations in CorelDRAW.

Isometric Symbol Libraries
Twelve libraries of over 2,000 isometric symbols for CorelDRAW.

Isometric Tools (Win)
Adds 33 functions to CorelDRAW that automate the process of creating an isometric drawing.

Jungle Bundle Image Lists
DigArts offers several collections of image lists for Photo-Paint.

Kinnetic FX
Offers effects & utilities for CorelDraw & Corel Photo-Paint. Currently they have GRIDLINER 2 for creating grid lines and patterns in Photo-Paint (version 7 and up) and iShadow for creating more realistic shadows with variable transparency.

Photo-Paint 9-10 Script Converter
Convert your Photo-Paint 9 scripts to be compatible with Photo-Paint 10. Shareware - $15US to register.

SignTools for CorelDRAW
Add-on tools for the sign industry. For CorelDRAW versions 7, 8 & 9.

ST Thumbnails Explorer (Win)
A full-function file manager, image and file cataloguer and thumbnails viewer for vector drawing software including Adobe Illustrator (.ai), CorelDRAW (.cdr; .cdt; .cmx; .ccx; .pat), CorelXARA, XaraX, Deneba Canvas, Macromedia FreeHand and many more. $24.90 US.

Tech Drawing Tools for CorelDRAW
Offers serveral add-ins to enhance the technical illustration capabilities of CorelDRAW 7, 8, and 9.

Unleashed FX
Hundreds of scripts for creating special effects in Photo-Paint 9. A Paitriotic FX script is available as a downloadable free sample.

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