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Create a Custom Cupcake Wrapper in CorelDRAW


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Custom Cupcake Wrapper in CorelDRAW
Custom Cupcake Wrapper in CorelDRAW
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In this tutorial, we will begin with a template for a cupcake wrapper and dress it up with a pattern and personalized text using CorelDRAW. We will work with the new Object Properties docker in CorelDRAW X6 as well as pattern fills, text on a path, and drop shadows. I will also show you how to duplicate one cupcake wrapper and position it on the page so we can save paper by printing multiple copies on one page.

If you have an older version of CorelDRAW, you can produce a cupcake wrapper in the same way, but you won’t have the convenience of making changes directly in Object Docker and will have to use the property bar instead.

Before you begin, you will want to download the cupcake wrapper template for CorelDRAW and open it up.

Right click to download: cupcake-wrapper.cdr
Note: You can click the screen shots throughout this tutorial to see them larger.
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