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Four Ways to 3D Hearts: Part 1
Software Used: CorelDRAW 9, but should be compatible with later versions as well.

This tutorial is divided into six parts covering four techniques for creating 3D Hearts in CorelDraw. It starts with the basic heart shape, and also covers creating custom object spraylists for the artistic media tool. (Continued below...)

Part 1: The basic shape

1.) First we need to create the basic heart shape. Start with a circle. Right click on the circle and choose convert to curves.

Now you should have a circular shape with four nodes: top, bottom, left, and right.

2.) Use the shape tool to select the bottom node, then go to the property bar and convert it to a cusp node.

Do the same for the top node.

3.) Drag a marquee around the top and bottom nodes, then drag down so the top node is fairly even with the two side nodes.

You should now have a shape like the one shown. Not quite heart shaped, is it? Let's fix that...

4.) Select the top node with the shape tool. Drag the two control points upward to form a V shape. Try to keep the two handles symmetrical.

Do the same for the bottom node. You may need to move the bottom node up slightly.

5.) Make sure the top and bottom nodes are aligned vertically, and the three nodes across the top are aligned horizontally.

If you need to, you can select two or more nodes by dragging a marquee around them, or by click-shift-clicking, and then align them with the align nodes button on the property bar.

Continue to edit nodes to tweak the shape until you have a heart shape you're happy with. You can use the arrow keys to move nodes and control points more precisely.

Here's how mine turned out.

We'll be using this heart quite a lot in the next steps, so now would be a good time to save your basic heart shape to a file.

In part two, we'll use the blend tool to give the heart some dimension.

PART TWO: Using Blends >>

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