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CorelDRAW Tutorials and User Resources

Techniques and tutorials for creating effects, working with text and logos, creating Web graphics, and learning the tools and features of CorelDRAW, the primary application of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
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Create a Custom Cupcake Wrapper in CorelDRAW
Learn how to create a personalized cupcake wrapper in CorelDRAW. You'll start with a plain cupcake wrapper template, then dress it up with a pattern fill and text on a path, then duplicate it so you can save paper by printing two on a page.

Printing Multiples in CorelDRAW
Have you created a design in CorelDRAW which you need to print in multiples? Business cards or address labels are common designs which you'd usually want to print in multiples. Here I'll show you two different ways you can print multiples of a design from CorelDRAW-using the labels feature, and using the imposition layout tools in CorelDRAW's Print Preview.

Making a Splash Page in CorelDRAW
How to create a splash page image map for your Web site in CorelDRAW X3.

Working With Templates in CorelDRAW - Free CD Insert Template
Get a free CD insert template for CorelDraw and learn about working with templates.

AdvancedArtist.com Graphics Tutorials
Several free video tutorials for CorelDRAW.

CorelDraw 101
A series of over 100 mini-tutorials covering the fundamentals of CorelDraw. Based on version 9; some menu commands and interface features will vary for other versions.

CorelDRAW 8 Basics
10 Chapters teach you the basics of CorelDRAW.

CorelDRAW Sign Tips
Tips for CorelDRAW versions 5 and up, especially for sign makers.

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