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Color Pickers and Color Tools for Macintosh

Macintosh tools to help you pick colors, convert color values, choose color schemes, explore color combinations, and create and save color swatches. Also includes tools for learning about color and simulating color blindness to help you better choose color combinations for color-deficient viewers.

What is the OS X DigitalColor Meter?
The DigitalColor Meter is a versatile little utility app that comes with every copy of Mac OS X and gives you the power to find the color values of any item on screen.

Colorate for Mac
Colorate is a free app to help you generate harmonious color schemes in Mac OS X.

How to Produce a Color Scheme with Color Scheme Designer
This tutorial for Color Scheme Designer will show how to use the free application to produce color schemes to use in your projects.

VisiBone Swatch Collections (Win/Mac)
Featured Download - Free color palette swatch collections for BBEdit, Fireworks, The GIMP, HomeSite, Illustrator, ImageReady, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, and Photoshop.

Adobe kuler
This online tool from Adobe labs lets you "explore, create, and share color schemes for your Web pages, design projects, and other creative work."

Color Consultant Pro (Mac)
An interactive color wheel, designed to help artists apply color theory and to design color schemes. Supports artistic and scientific color systems.

ColorBlender is a free online tool for color matching and palette design.

Colorspeak (Web-based)
"Colorspeak is an experiment to explore how we perceive and associate the colors of the so-called safe palette with words, sounds, people, emotions, and events in our own experience." Click on any color in the Web safe color palette and you can submit your comments about that color and read what others have submitted about a color.

HyperColor Scheme (Mac)
"Convert RGB colors to Web colors, sample a particular color from anywhere in your screen and create and organize color schemes for your projects." Shareware - $19.95 US.

Vischeck Color Blindness Simulator
Tools to help you see your designs as colorblind individuals would see them. There's a Java version, a Photoshop plug-in (Windows only), and an online version.

VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab (Web-based)
Clicking on a color in the on-screen palette displays a swatch with the color codes and name, clicking on additional colors will give you a side by side comparison of up to 8 colors.

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