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Color Tips - Color Theory - Learn About Color

Tips for working with color and managing color in graphics software programs.
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How to Produce a Color Scheme with Color Scheme Designer
Color Scheme Designer is a free online application for producing harmonious color palettes. This tutorial for Color Scheme Designer will show how to use the free application to produce color schemes to use in your projects.

What is Color Scheme Designer?
Color Scheme Designer is a free online application for quickly and easily producing harmonious color schemes. Color Scheme Designer offers several intuitive tools that allow you to produce color schemes based on one, two, three or four base colors.

Using Color on Web Pages
A collection of tips and information about using color on the Web, from HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin.

Working with Color on the Computer
Color surrounds us. Now, surround yourself with the tools you need to get the color right in your desktop publishing. From Jacci Howard Bear, your Guide to Desktop Publishing.

Introduction to Color as an Element of Design
Color is everywhere. Every single piece in the samples you've collected so far, even if it is black and white, exhibits the element of color. From Jacci Howard Bear, your Guide to Desktop Publishing.

Color Symbolism: What Colors Mean
Color is more than a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. It is non-verbal communication. Colors have symbolism and meanings that go beyond ink. As you design brochures, logos, and Web sites, it is helpful to keep in mind how the eye and the mind perceive certain colors. From Jacci Howard Bear, your Guide to Desktop Publishing.

Browser Safe Colors
HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin has provided two convenient color charts for the Web: browser safe colors and named colors.

A Compact Guide to Monitor Calibration
Learn how to calibrate black and white points and monitor gamma.

Basic Color and Design
For those who don't even know what questions to ask. A 6 part document on how, when and why to use color.

Classic Color Schemes
Explanations, pros & cons, and tips for using monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, and other classic color schemes.

Color Depth
8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit color... this tutorial should help you sort out the various color depths used in graphics software.

Color Remedies Articles
Several documents in PDF format including Managing Color in Photoshop 6, Top 10 Color Management Pros & Cons, An Introduction to ColorSync & ICC-based color management (5 parts).

Color Theory Primer
A very thorough introduction to color theory.

Color-Correct Vocabulary
From Bruce Fraser for creativepro.com: "...a glossary of key terms that every student (and master) of color-management should understand."

Resources including articles, software, games, and more to make learning about color more fun.

"Portal for news, information, support, and sales of color management technologies."

Hexadecimal Notation
An explanation of hexadecimal notation, the way colors are defined with HTML.

More About Color Depth
This page explains the concept of color depth, and printing with spot color vs. process color.

Nirvana: 6 Lessons to Color Enlightenment
"A free, online, downloadable color seminar presented in 6 individual step by step lessons."

Pantone Home
Color-related information, products, and support from the leader in color communication.

Random Web Colors
"The top version of this table shows how these colors appear to someone with normal color vision. Scroll down to see how they appear to someone with some degree of color-blindness."

RetouchPRO Color Charts
These color charts allow you to conveniently sample skin tones and hair color. Also displays the RGB and Hex values for manual entry.

Two Kinds of Color
Learn about the two most common color models used in computer graphics: RGB for display, and CMYK for printing.

Why Is Color
From Creativepro.com: "Color maven Bruce Fraser brings us back to the basics -- and to the foundation of color management -- with an exploration of light and color."

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