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How Do I Exchange an Adobe Product for a Different Platform?


Question: How Do I Exchange an Adobe Product for a Different Platform?
Can I upgrade from Photoshop on Windows to Photoshop on Mac, or vice versa?

Can I upgrade from a Creative Suite version on one platform to the latest Creative Suite version for a different platform?

Answer: Yes, Adobe will allow you to perform a cross-grade, or cross-platform upgrade, of your Adobe product, assuming it meets the upgrade qualifications and provided you send them a signed Letter of Software Destruction. The Letter of Destruction states that you agree to delete all copies of the product you are exchanging and also that you will not "sell, transfer, give away, donate, or otherwise distribute the exchanged Adobe product or copies to anyone else."

You will still need to pay the upgrade cost, and you will need to conduct the purchase via telephone by calling Adobe Sales at 1-800-833-6687 (see Adobe.com for international numbers). The Letter of Software Destruction may be faxed, e-mailed, or snail-mailed to Adobe.

In my case, I went from Photoshop 7 for Windows to Photoshop CS3 Standard for Macintosh and the cost was US$199 plus taxes and shipping. I was not required to submit any other product verification aside from the serial number of the product I would be exchanging, but I can't guarantee that this would be the case in all situations. The entire process was quite simple and took about 25 minutes over the phone, most of which was hold time.

Note: There is no dual platform licensing for Adobe Creative Suite products. If you wish to use your Adobe product on both platforms, a second full license is required. Adobe's EULA allows installation of the products on up to two computers, but they must be the same platform.

Have you performed an Adobe cross-grade? Let us know how your experience was by posting in the comments.

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