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150 Free Ornate Shapes for Photoshop
Download free ornate shapes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements by Shelby Kate Schmitz. This set includes 150 unique ornate shapes in one set.
Draw the Outline of a Shape with Photoshop Elements
Step-by-step instructions show you how to create an outlined shape in Photoshop Elements using the shape tool, layer styles, selections, and the stroke  ...
How to Use Free Presets in Photoshop Elements - Graphics Software
There are hundreds of Web sites offering free Photoshop brushes, layer style effects, actions, shapes, patterns, gradients, and color swatch sets.
How To Use the Feng Shui Five Elements Theory
In addition to color, you can also bring the energy of five feng shui elements with specific shapes. Find out how the feng shui elements are expressed in basic ...
The Feng Shui Five Elements Theory: Element Cycles
While it is very important to understand the Bagua and know how to bring the required feng shui elements for each specific bagua area, be it with colors, shapes ...
Shapes - The Basic Elements of Design
Shapes are a basic element of design. They are made up of closed contours and three dimensional objects placed in the design. Shapes are used to convey ...
Using Square Shapes in Graphic Design - Desktop Publishing
Third class on shapes, one of the Elements of Design, includes four lessons and an assignment. This lesson is on squares and rectangles.
Feng Shui Use of Triangles and Stars in Home Decorating
In feng shui, each shape belongs to a specific element. There are five feng shui elements and several basic ways to bring, or express these elements in one's ...
Shapes Class - Elements of Design Basics - Shapes in Design ...
Third class on the Elements of Design focuses on shapes, especially the basic geometric shapes of circles, squares, and triangles, their use in design, meanings ...
Introduction to Shapes as an Element of Design - Desktop Publishing
This online class on the Elements of Design includes five lessons and an optional self-test assignment. This lesson is on shapes.
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