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Discovering Photoshop 5.5
Web Photo Gallery Command

Dateline: 09/28/99

Web Photo Gallery
Also new in version 5.5, the Web Photo Gallery command allows you to publish a Web page gallery of images complete with thumbnails and links to the larger individual images. The options are fairly straightfoward; specify the folder containing the images you want to export and a destination folder for thumbnails and html files. You can enter a title for the page, credit notation and a publish date. Choose from small, medium, or large thumbnails and, if desired, you can resize or change the quality settings of the original images for your Web gallery.

Web Photo Gallery dialog box

When you OK the dialog, Photoshop generates all the thumbnails as JPEG files, resizes and converts the original files to JPEG, produces an index HTML page, and an additional HTML page for each image in the gallery complete with buttons to navigate through the gallery. If you have a large number of images to process, this command can take some time to complete, but once completd, the index page is immediately displayed in your browser. The generated HTML pages can then be further customized in any HTML editor. A completed index page is shown below.

Resulting Web page from the Web Photo Gallery Command

This command is likely to be very useful for many, but still has a few disadvantages. First, JPEG is the only format option for the generated images. Secondly, there is no option to specify custom dimensions for the thumbnails; you're limited to three choices of small (50 pixels), medium (75 pixels), and large (100 pixels) for the thumbnails sizes. The "medium" option is shown above.

Step-by-step how-to for the Web Gallery Command

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