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Photoshop PDF Tutorials
Tutorials by John Woods
 About the Author
John Woods is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop 7.0. He created these tutorials to help some people internally at Kodak, and has made them freely available to the Photoshop community here.
More by John Woods:
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• Page 2 (7.0)
• Page 3 (Elements/6.0)
• Page 4 (6.0)
• Page 5 (6.0/5.5)
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 Important Information
These files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have problems opening them, be sure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader. If you don't want the files opening in your Web browser, you will need to right click the link and choose to save target. You can permanently change this setting by adjusting your Acrobat Reader Prferences from the Edit > Preferences menu.

Please note: Some of these tutorials do not include practice files, but you can copy the original image from the PDF using the Graphics Selection tool in the latest version of Acrobat Reader. Just drag a box around the area to select, then copy and paste into Photoshop as you follow along with the tutorial.

These downloadable PDF tutorials were submitted by a guest author. See the sidebar to learn more about this author.

Photoshop 6.0 Tutorials

Soften Vignette
Learn how to soften a background in order to draw focus to the main subject. [2,281 KB]

Highlight Vignette
Use a curves adjustment layer with a mask to de-emphasize a busy background. [2,218 KB]

History Brush Color and Density Corrections
The original image has a cold green/blue color cast to it, the face needs to be warmed up some, and a little more density would help. This tutorial demonstates how to correct these problems with curves in cobination with the history brush. [3,997 KB]

Gamma Point Color Correction #2
Use the gamma point eyedropper and curves to remove a cold, blue/green color cast from an indoor scene. [2,849 KB] [download practice image here]

Indoor/Outdoor Density Adjustments
Scene was metered to inside of room; the outside light through the windows became very bright and turned blue/cyan, adding a slight cold cast to the image. This exercise demonstrates how to warm up the interior of the room and pull the buildings outside the windows into a more neutral position. [6,367 KB] [download practice image here]

Area Color Correction
Correct density and color in portions of an indoor shot with a very bright sunlit day outside. [4,702 KB] [download practice image here]

Lens Flare Exercise
Add dramatic lighting effects to a lighthouse scene using curves adjustments and the lens flare filter. [2,685 KB]

Channel Mask Selection Methodology
Use channels as a basis for making a selection mask, then use curves to selectively alter the color in a portion of a photo. [2,523 KB]

Pearl String Overlay
Create a string of pearls using a custom gradient with layer effects. [3,258 KB]

History Brush Correction
"The original image is dark with the shadow detail totally lost. By using the curves, snapshots, and History Brush, we can correct the elephants without blowing out the sky highlights." [2,895 KB]

Gamma Point Correction
By using the Gamma Point eyedropper in the curves control panel, you can quickly eliminate a color cast. [1,651 KB]

Cyber Fill Flash Density Correction
"Original Image is backlit and since there was no fill flash used the subject appears dark and underexposed. By making a curves adjustment and then applying the curves adjustment selectively to the areas of the face we can simulate the effect of adding a fill flash to the image without changing the background or dress." [1,808 KB]

Composite Imaging with Gradient Mask
Seamlessly combine two images using channels, layer masks, and gradients. [3,231 KB]

Color and Density Adjustments
Improve a washed out image using layers, paintbrush, and blending modes. [2,634 KB] [download practice image here]

Reflection Text
Color correct a sunset using curves, then add text with a reflection in the water. [2,114 KB]

Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer
Add density to a flat, desaturated image by using a Channel Mixer adjustment layer. [2,192 KB]

Density Boost
Boost the density of an image by working with channels and Lab color mode. [1,289 KB]

Edge Spill Workaround
Enhance an image by replacing the sky and adding lighting effects. [2,378 KB]

Select > Color > Range
Explore color range selection for improving an image. [838 KB]

Selective Color
Learn how to improve the color of a photo using the selective color and curves adjustments. [1,448 KB]

More PDF Tutorials by John Woods
• Page 1 (CS)
• Page 2 (7.0)
• Page 3 (Elements/6.0)
• Page 4 (6.0)
• Page 5 (6.0/5.5)

These files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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