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Horizon in PI 4.2
Tutorial by Tiffany Ring

Creating a Horizon in PI4.2

By far the easiest way to create a horizon is by using Kai's Power Tools Planar Tiling plug in. But, not everyone has this plug-in, so this tutorial will show you how to recreate the effect of a horizon.

1. Open a new image, make it huge. I like to work with 1200x400. You can adjust this image depending on how large you need the final image to be.

2. You will need to create something to merge into the horizon, for example a black and white checked background, or any other type of background. For this tutorial I will be using this background image created with the Web-->Background designer option. You can download this image to follow along. A solid color really won't work well with this tutorial, your image needs to have some texture to show the distortion. When this image is open, copy it (CTRL-C) to the clipboard.

Use this image

3. On your large image (1200x400), select all (CTRL-A). Your entire image should be selected. Right click and convert to object.

Convert to Object

4. Now we need to fill this object with your background that is saved in the clipboard. Select Edit-->Fill (CTRL-F), then select the button that says "Clipboard data." Click okay.

Fill with Clipboard Contents

5. Now click on your transform tool, with the perspective setting.

Perspective Transform tool

6. Place your mouse over the top left corner, and drag the image towards the center and down to about the middle of the image.

This is a very small screen shot but it gives you the idea of what you should be looking for.

7. Adjust the perspective until you have a nice horizon you like. We aren't don't yet though...

8. Using your select tool, rectangle, draw a rectangle around the center of your image, so that the horizon line completely spans the rectangle. Crop to the selection (CTRL-R).

You may have to undo and readjust your perspective tool if you don't like the outcome. Now that you have cropped it you understand why we started out with a huge image.

9. Now, you can just fill in the base image with a matching color and be done, but I am going to make the image fade into the background white. To do this, select your airbrush tool, with larger settings, like siz=50 softedge=30. Paint the far edge of your horizon with the airbrush, using less as you move towards the front so the background just kinda fades away. This takes some practice. When you are satisfied, right click and merge!


We will be using this technique in our next tutorial, creating a mirror image.

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