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Glass Sphere with EyeCandy 3 & PI 4.2
Tutorial by Tiffany Ring

Creating Glass Spheres in PI4.2

We are going to make the following three glass balls
Eye Candy (this page)Using PI PathsNO FILTERS!
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Glass Sphere (or waterdrop) with Eye Candy

This tutorial is adapted from CandeeKis' waterdrop tutorial for Paint Shop Pro with her express permission...thank you CandeeKis! For this technique, you need Alien Skin's Eye Candy 3 Plugin.

Step 11. Open a new image. I am using an image 200x200 with a black background. Then using your selection tool set to circle, with the options "draw from center" and "antialias" checked, draw a cirle on your background. Hint - I like to start at 100x100 so I can easily redraw if I have to. Flood fill your circle with the color of your choice.

2.Apply the Eye Candy Waterdrop filter with the following settings:

Eye Candy settings

3. Now we are at the part where the steps differ some from CandeeKis. We need to right click and merge the water drop onto the background. And we need to get rid of the ring around the edge of the drop. There are two ways of doing this. First, you can use the magic wand tool (found in the selection box toolbar) to select the background, then right click and select "invert", right click again and choose "Expand/Shrink".with the following settings. You can test how much you need to shrink the image by clicking "preview" which will show you what you have done.

Shrink Settings

Cropped4. You can now crop your selection(EDIT-->Crop; or CTRL-R) and your image should look like this:

This is okay if you are using a dark background and dark colors, but I found it was too rough around the edges (even with antialias checked) for me. So you can also crop it this way:

5. After you have merged the image, select your selection tool, circle, draw from center, antialias again and draw a circle from the center of the image (remember we started at 100x100 - now you know why!)....draw to the edge, then crop. Much better!:

Now let's make one with the path tool -->

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