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Beth Owens - Member Profile
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Member Name: Beth Owens

Interest/Experience with graphics software: Hobbyist

Operating System: Windows 9x

Hand-drawn from a photo using Paint Shop Pro. Animated in Paint Shop Pro.

What graphics software do you use on a regular basis?
Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

What was the first graphics program you learned?
Paint Shop Pro

What is your all-time favorite graphics program and why?
Paint Shop Pro because it is the easiest to learn.

How long have you been working with graphics software?
2 years.

How do you use graphics software in your day-to-day activities?
I draw caricature animations for Web pages and signature graphics.

What is your best graphics tip or piece of advice?
Save your work in stages as you go! When you go back to look at your drawing, you may decide that an earlier drawing was actually better!

Where do you get your inspiration?
From those who are happy with my work.

Drawn from a request by Rose Lady.

Drawn from a request by a minister.

Drawn from a request by Beryl.

Drawn from a request by Max Raven.

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