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Graphics Software Gallery Submission Forms

Join our community of users who are willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of graphics software! Submit examples of your work to be included in our galleries, along with your tips and advice. You can promote your own work while enhancing the graphics software community and helping other members.

The primary goals of the galleries are to inspire creativity, encourage learning, and enhance the graphics software community and this site. They are not intended to be a free link service. Most fields are optional, but only those submissions that add value to the site will be included in the galleries. Please include at least one example of your work along with the questionnaire. To ensure a greater chance of inclusion, a completed form with thoughtful responses is preferable to one with no commentary or brief one-word answers.

Please note: As of March 2010, the manual submission form which used to appear on this page is closed. I am gradually moving the submission forms to a new, more automatic system which will make it easier for me to publish your submissions.

I am currently accepting submissions for the following galleries:

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