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Cutout Text
Software Used: Photoshop

Cutout text is a simple technique that can be accomplished in any image editor that uses layers and has a Gaussian Blur filter. The font in my example is Serpentine.

1.) Open a new document with a white background.

2.) Insert a new layer and fill it with white.

3.) Create a text selection (in Photoshop use the Type Mask Tool ) then delete the selection from the layer.

4.) Invert the selection, insert a new layer, and fill the selection with black. Deselect and then apply a Gaussian Blur of about 2.5 to the layer. (The more you blur it, the deeper your cutout will appear to be).

5.) Drop this layer just above the background.

6.) Nudge the layer a few pixels down and to the right to offset the shadow.

You can fill the background with a different color for a two tone effect.

This also works well for mouse rollovers. Drag your cursor over the image below to see the rollover effect.

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Sue Chastain
Your Guide to Graphics Software

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