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Xara Webstyle 3
Webstyle 3
Xara Webstyle 3
Review by Tanya Metaksa

Rating -  

Xara Webstyle 3 is a quick and easy way to create such Web page items as buttons, navigation bars – they call them NavBars – headings, bullets, dividers, logos, banner ads, and backgrounds. It even includes "themed" sets of matching graphics for those who need an all inclusive "look" to their Web page.

Their online "walk-through" is a good overview when getting started. In addition Webstyle includes a "viewlet" tutorial to get the user up and running.The tutorial for Webstyle 3 has been improved over the version 2 tutorial. They now explain the range of options available in far greater detail than they did in version 2. If shadows are your thing, Webstyle 3 makes it very easy to add shadows of every description to most objects that can be produced. Figure 1 shows the basic shadows available, but Webstyle gives the user flexibility to move the shadow in directions and angles more dynamic than those produced by just the plain template. Unfortunately, the tutorial never explains how to use this more advanced feature shown in figure 2.

Figure 1: Basic shadow menu
Figure 1: Basic shadow menu

Figure 2: Advanced menu
Figure 2: Advanced menu

Opening Webstyle gives one the option of creating all the Web objects available. If one wishes to start with a theme set, all of Xara's 44 theme templates are found under Templates. However, there is much more to Webstyle than just using pre-made theme sets. Webstyle comes with 264 different backgrounds and as colors are changed the number of backgrounds becomes almost infinite: from water drops (Figure 3) to rocks (Figure 4) to abstract wavy lines (Figure 5). And changing the sizing of the background such as was done to Figure 5 to create Figure 6, the entire site can change as well.

Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6

As for the ubiquitous button, Webstyle supplies over 200 templates for button design. The color, the size, and the text are configurable, as well as the shadow, which can appear as a "floor" or "wall" shadow. Figure 7 shows a floor shadow, while Figure 8 demonstrates a wall shadow.

Figure 7: Shadow on floor Figure 8: Shadow on wall

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